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5.0 stars 
Posted by azxlopec 
February 16, 2015 

First of all, Jose represented me in my criminal case where nobody actually believed we can win. But we did! The judge was listening to Jose's arguments and despite of statements of opposite counsel and aggressive arguments by State Attorney, he ruled out in our favor. I am sure it is all thanks to God and Jose!

He was amazing speaker and very knowledgeable. As Jose was speaking I understood that he spent probably hours and hours studying my case, such great details he knew and remembered.

For me, this is a sign of a great lawyer. When I see that attorney took his time to read my case and get familiar with every detail, I see a lawyer who cares!

I noticed by the Judge's reaction, that Jose always can find that special word or fact or tiny detail to impress the judge and to show how ridiculous our opponent's claims are. And he does it very nicely, with a high standard of professional ethics, yet aggressively and affirmatively.
It is a pure pleasure to see Jose speaking. His English is one of the highest linguistic standards, his manners are very pleasant and intelligent. His knowledge of the laws is impressive.

Second, Jose is very easy to communicate with. He always listen, he never interrupt, he is always answering your phone calls or text messages. He makes you feel that you ACTUALLY HAVE A LAWYER.
He makes you feel secure and well protected.

Third, Jose is extremely experienced in all fields of law. Criminal, Civil and Immigration. His knowledge of all three fields gives him a huge advantage that our opponents do not have! All this made us one step closer to a Victory.

And the last but not least.
Jose offered a very affordable fee plus... offered a payment plan!
What else could you ask for?
To win a very serious criminal case for a small price paid in installments??
Sounds fantastic?
No, it is a reality with Jose De La Luz Martinez!
Now I hired him again for my Immigration case. And I am sure we will get what we need!
Two thumbs up!

– azxolpec

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